2 thoughts on “(Saint Francis Dancing on the Water)”

  1. Robert Albertson said:

    I placed the following comments about your web site on facebook this morning. I hope you don’t mind!

    I ‘m generally not a fan of street graffiti of any nature. Although I have been a closet doodler most of my adult life, I have kept my secret pencil, pen and pottery scribbles hidden from most of the viewing public. But some very good street Art is beautiful in its own way and a perfect social commentary to our world’s evils and excesses and miracles.

    Recently Margie and I and a dear friend spent quality time in Santa Fe New Mexico and we experienced south western Visual Art at its best. Yes we saw the inevitable graffiti in many selections of the old city but we also witnessed both two dimensional street art as well as sculptures that were free form representation of the human imagination. One such sculpture was placed in a corner of the court yard at The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis Of Assisi. This piece was titled “Saint Francis of Assisi Dancing on the Water”.

    While doing some internet image research on the statue this morning, I found the following web site with many interesting photographic examples of Santa Fe street art. I know nothing about the person’s life, profession or ideas but he has taken photos of some really interesting drawings placed on every conceivable object found including dumpsters and Santa Fe walls. A few minutes of your time to click on each photo will be worth your time! A short description of each photo is at the bottom of the image.

  2. I truly adore this, St. Francis is my favorite Hall of Famer– I have carried the Prayer of St. Francis with me since I was six years old–51 years worth of using that prayer as my mission statement.
    Thank you for having the inspiration to shoot this photo. xo

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