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So why “northierthanthou?” The simple truth is that “The Village Atheist” is taken. I had lots of ideas for that theme, but some bastard beat me to it. Short of sending the goons, I have to come up with something different. I suppose “Dan’s Authentic Tacoria and Massage Emporium” is probably available, but I’m not feeling particularly zany today. …might opt for this to that later.

And I really do want to start a business with that name. …Might make it a tropical fish shop.

Anyway, it’s “northierthathou” for the indefinite future, and I will say that this title does have the virtue of being true. As a resident of Barrow, Alaska, I think I can honestly say that I am a lot Northier than the majority of my readers will be, and I takes my comparative virtues where I finds them. So, yes dear reader, with few exceptions I think it is safe to say that I am Northier than you. You may think yourself smarter than me, and perhaps you will be right. You may consider yourself better informed, smarter, or even kinder than I am. And in all those areas, I’ll grant you the case is often easily made. But when it comes to Northity, dammit, I have that all over the lot of you. I really don’t mean to lord it over the Northy-deficient, but well, …actually, yes I do. Try not to let it get you down folks. Let’s all just acknowledge my superior Northitude and get on with it.