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Okay, so let’s start with the protagonist. He is from somewhere in sub-saharan Africa. We’ll call him Mbaté Ngu(click)ulu. Now Mbaté is a dedicated man. He has devoted his entire life to his people in the capacity of Deputy Foreign Minister to his nation. Now as a result of some coup backed by an opportunistic multinational corporation, Mbaté and his entire government is out, and Mbaté doesn’t quite know what to do. Having access to almost a hundred million dollars, Mbaté knows that he can’t access it directly or the bastards that stole his country will just get him and his money. So, he goes online where he begins contacting people. He has a short list of trustworthy individuals, all provided by mutual friends, and Mbaté knows that with the help of just one of these people, he will yet save the day…

It’s a heartbreaking story of one man’s quest to find a helping hand in an increasingly cynical world. You too will be caught up in Mbaté’s struggle to find help. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry. You’ll probably go to the bathroom at least once. (Seriously, you’ll want to take Mbaté with you.) Because poor Mbaté isn’t going to have it easy, and this epic struggle is not resolved overnight.

Thankfully though, Mbaté will not have to do all of this alone. With the help of his friends, a Viagra salesman, a IRS man with a a bunch of checks for you and me, and an army of horny MILFs just looking for someone to have sex with (no strings attached), Mbaté may yet succeed in finding a single trusting soul, just one person willing to help him secure the means of helping his own people.

Stay tuned for “Mbaté’s Plea,” coming in the Spring of 2012, 2013, or even 2014, if that’s really necessary. Mbaté will soldier on for as long as it takes.