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So I have “gone out,” as they say, and I will not see Alaska for a couple months. It’s a shame that I can only get out during the summer and Christmas. Those are the best times to be in Barrow.

So, I thought this might be an opportune moment to throw up some images of America’s northernmost city.

I will miss it.

My Chalet
(I think my brother has bigger walk-in closets)

Midnight Sun
(Actually, this was probably about 2:00am)

Umiaq Race During Independence Week Celebrations
(Cause Fireworks aren’t so keen in July)

Barrow at 2am in Late May
(Out for an evening walk)

The Ocean
(Can’t tell where it begins, can ya!)

Arctic Palm Trees

Ice Sculpture
(Modeled on bone sculptures)

The Northernmost American-Style Football Field in the World
(I suck as a sports photographer, don’t I)

(No skirts on these girls)

The Ocean as Seen from Barrow’s Cafe
(Whale jawbones and umiaq frames)

The Ocean from Outside Brower’s Cafe
(A little later in the Year)


Probably Returning from a Hunt

Arctic Fox
(Trying to steal muktuk from the back of that pick-up)

(Spring Whaling Festival Held in June. It’s been a good whaling season, so this will be a great festival this year, …and I am going to miss it!)

Local Art
(Barrow has the best dumpsters!)

The College
(Whale skull in the foreground)

Will Rogers Memorial
(He died in a plane crash on his way to Barrow)

DEWLine Station
(Part of the early warning defense system)

Let’s See the Ocean Again!

Fido and Junkmail
(All packed and ready to go out)