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(161)I never go down to the strip. By ‘never’ I really mean ‘almost’, but anyway, this trip was one of those exceptions. I came down a couple times to give my money to these guys (much better than dropping it in a slot machine. …seriously, you walk in a casino and look at all the people playing slots. If you see one person smiling, then you’re beating the odds on that one. But anyway…

There seems to be a fair range of different people working the strip. Some folks appear to be in desperate straights, doing what they can to hustle up some cash. Others have made a genuine profession out of it. …and no, I don’t figure those are mutually exclusive narratives.

The range of performances vary as well. Some folks have reasonably well-developed acts. Others simply dress up in a costume and pose for a dollar a pic. All of them appear to work for tips. They can get rather aggressive about that dollar too; don’t even try to snap one without paying the guy in the costume. No-one looks cool when they are getting their ass kicked by a guy in costume.

Of course the streets are also filled with folks handing out small business cards. They only offer these to the guys, for some unknown reason (cough), but they give you a whole bunch at once. I don’t want to go into details, but let’s just say that apparently a girl named Jackie is just waiting to hear from me, and Heather makes house-calls. Candy might even bring a friend!

Anyway, I have a couple videos below. …click to embiggen.