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69915490_10220346134668553_8025486970597670912_n“Honey, this place looks like it’s closed.”

Moni is trying to brush the sleep from her eyes. Leaning forward as far as the seat belt will let her, she cranes her neck around to see if she can see why I have pulled over. The more she sees, the more she realizes how very right she is. As I recall, this place was already closed over ten years ago when I used to drive through Gray Mountain on my way to work. It’s well past closed now.

“Why are we stopping here?”

After a moment, she realized the answer to her question.

(Click to embiggen. …You know you wanna!)

This seems to be the work of Jetsonorama whose “Painted Desert Project” has produced a lot of wonderful pieces. I am occasionally lucky enough to get down there and see some of this beautiful work.

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