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Wainwright Street

Wainwright Street

As I’m away from the North Slope at the moment, I find myself looking at photos and such. This afternoon, I am looking at pictures of pictures of the village of Wainwright. I have been there a couple times, in the late summers of 2011 and 2012.

Wainwright is located on the coast (of course). It has a population of a little over 500, but the first time I visited the place I could have sworn it was a ghost town. I literally couldn’t see anyone on the streets. I learned later that folks were probably out hunting, and in any event people began to show up on the streets that afternoon.

I always think it’s fun to just zoom out from these little maps one click at a time. If it doesn’t show, then hit refresh.


You may of course click on a pic to embiggen it.

…and of course the flight out (not the best video, but it’s kinda neat to see the tundra from above).