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Up here in the Seward’s Icebox we are celebrating Seward today. The rest of y’all are at work though. I’m almost sorry about that, but maybe this will brighten your day. I expect a few folks out there will recognize John Cleese, and hopefully even Graham Chapman. I know some of the best parts of my own mind have been populated with characters, accents, and even funny walks compliments of these two. I can’t help but smile when any one of their odd creations comes to the front of my thoughts, and  I can honestly say that their work has made my life more interesting and enjoyable. So, I thought I’d share a little known performance by Cleese here today. No, it’s not from any of their shows. It is the Eulogy he gave at Chapman’s funeral. It is in astonishingly poor taste.

…which is of course just as it should be.